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Enhancement #  201005020

Title:  Discount / Warranty / Expensed Totals Box


I know we can expense our costs but our invoices do not reflect that. I am always rewriting the totals box because of coupon discounts, Membership fees and AAA discounts, by hand (sad that such a beautiful full color invoice always has chicken scratching on it). Could we have 2 or 3 empty boxes in the totals box that we could select from a menu i.e. warranty, Car Care PM, Schnucks coupon, AAA Discount. The amounts we insert are subtracted from the total and expensed to the account.

Submitted by: 

Paul Stock - Stock's Underhood

Robert Gruener, Jr. - Autotechtronics By Robert

Roger Austin - Advanced Automotive

Fred Cerny - Parma Car Care Center



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