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Enhancement #  201005021

Title:  Proper Service Due Populating when Creating a Service Order


When service dues pop up during the creating of a work order the choice is to delete or import. But importing does not give you the matching Service Template. Would like to choose the service due item and have the option of picking the proper Service Template to go with it, which would populate the work order correctly and delete the service reminder.

Submitted by: 

Paul Stock - Stock's Underhood

Tim Adams - Muskegon Brake

Sam Fagnilli - Fagnilli's Automotive

Steven Braxton - Braxton Automotive

Roger Austin - Advanced Automotive

Craig Etter - Jack's Auto Sales

Fred Cerny - Parma Car Care Center

Lisa Renfro - Coppercoin Garage

Stephane Grabina = BMWExcluservice



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