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Enhancement #  20105024


Title:  Master Service Due Menu  



We would have a master menu of service dues inwhich to choose from, i.e.; air filter, fuel filter, transmission flush, driver's seat filter, cabin filter, timing belt, PCV filter, etc. With each service due you could select mileage or time variations; i.e. transmission flush 30K, 50K; timing belt 60K, 90K, 105K, cabin filter 12 mos, brake flush 24 mos, etc. Depending on the vehicle in question, the service advisor would go the the master list and select the services that apply to that vehicle and the recommeded service intervals. This should also be printable so it could be used to engage the client by reviewing what we may know and suspect vs. what the client may know, i.e. when was the timing belt last replaced. A further enhancement would be a short discription for each item that would print out for the customer to aid in the sale.


Submitted by:  Paul Stock




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